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Why Use editorLink?



One-to-one communication. More efficient communication, nothing gets lost from client through an account executive liaison. You work directly with the one who is actually doing the work.


With editorLink you receive:

  • Electronic and traditional capabilities: Generations of experience means an understanding of digital and paper-based workflows.
  • Experience with different editorial styles: Competencies with vertical-market/specialty stylebooks and mainstream styles (e.g., AP style); specializing in Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Dual platform, even dual workflows: EditorLink operates on both major OS platforms, Microsoft® Windows® (9x/2k/XP/Vista/7) and Apple® Macintosh® (OS 9/OS X), including major cross-platform applications involved (e.g., MS Word®, WordPerfect®, Quark Xpress® and InDesign®).
  • Support for Adobe® PostScript® (and its derivative, PDF®) — as well as nonPostScript-based production workflows.
  • Image integration with related in-text and layout services: Project workflows that require image manipulation or conversion are also offered, including:
    - Resizing and resampling of digital-image files as needed.
    - Modification and conversion of image files to different formats if required (e.g.,TIFF [Mac or PC byte order], JPG, EPS) and color spaces (e.g., RGB, CMYK, LAB and grayscale).