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Section 2. Some Prose for Rumination.

An Underlying Problem for the Atheist

The atheist attempts to deny that which isn't
But he rightly can't, so he prefers to deny that which is
But that is not denial but, rather, defiance
A rebellion that attacks the intellect and destroys the spirit.

Copyright, 2017, J. T. Mickel

Denominationalism a/k/a Cafeteria Christianity

Denominationalism may be a boon to democracy
But, in its essence, is the bane to a true appreciation
Of God and to a greater reverence for His truth;

For it provides Man with an excuse to pursue a religious venue
To which he finds comfort;
When God may rather such individual be led
to a province of worship where he is exhorted and challenged to examine,
even to sacrifice. And thence, to grow.

Was it not Socrates
Who said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."
Whatever our worldview might be, it is incumbent upon us, then, to examine the beliefs behind the foundation of that perspective. Even more so when tempted to choose a denomination in which we find comfort over growth.

Copyright, 2017, 2021, J. T. Mickel

The Nature of Progressives versus Conservatives

Back in 1923, G.K. Chesterton wrote: "The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes; the business of conservatives is to keep those mistakes from being corrected."

While history has proven that claim to be largely true, I think it even more precise to state my axiom: that Progressives are prone to engaging in sins of commission, whereas Conservatives are prone to sins of omission.

© Copyright, 2021, J. T. Mickel

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