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NOTE: "Ingle" is perhaps most commonly a dialectic reference to a domestic fire burning in a hearth or a fireplace. Also, albeit obsolete in usage, an ingle can be a paramour; a favourite; a sweetheart.
    Although this portal and any contained site pages have nothing to do with any business or enterprise currently bearing or containing the name of Ingle, historical and more current cultural references to Ingles can be found [including, but not limited to] as follows:

A DICTIONARY MEANING FOR INGLE — A name most commonly used to express British ancestry. According to the Urban Dictionary, ingle sometimes used in contemporary America to unwittingly express the insignificance the former partner has in the Ingle's life.
INGLE AS AN ANATOMICAL TERM — Two meanings when used as a noun, including that referring to the groin, and used as a noun.
DOUG INGLE™ † — The former lead singer of the rock group Iron Butterfly as well as its keyboard player and main Song Writer. Ingle wrote the band's heavy-metal 1960's hit single, In A Gadda Da Vida. Ingle was born in 1945.
LAURA INGLE — Joined Fox News Channel as a Dallas-based correspondent in 2005. Previously, she served as a correspondent for the syndicated program Geraldo Rivera Reports (2003) (aka "Geraldo at Large").
EDWARD INGLE — Per a 2013 listing, Edward Ingle was listed as treasurer for Microsoft Corporation's Political Action Committee (PAC).
MICHAEL INGLE — Michael Ingle is the Founder of Clean Sleep. Clean Sleep technology is an innovation for the cleaning and overall maintenance of mattresses.
TED INGLE — Book author, including his 2001 U.K. memoirs, The Poacher's Pie.
INGLES MUSIC — "Your Love," by The Outfield. SME, iMusica S.A. (on behalf of Seven Music); ASCAP, UMPG Publishing, UMPI, Sony ATV Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing, AMRA, and 15 Music Rights Societies. No additional information available.

   Other links of interest, which may well not be germane to the new site, are listed below for your convenience and curiosity:

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